At TIL Millennials are individuals from ages 18-37.  As Millennials we are a “Generation of World Changers” and host several meeting and events at The Millennial’s Place and offsite events as well.

The belief is that Millennials are not in church for varies reasons but we believe that there is a place at Truth in Love for you.  We will work together to help you to find your place or God given role within the ministry.  We believe that all of us have many gifts within us, some known and some unknown.  We would like to find out what your gift is and activate it.

We are committed to having an inviting culture that is not caught up on traditions and to be intentional on building trust. We can’t build if we don’t know one another.

As Millennials we are not alone. Whatever stage of life you may be at someone has been there, going to or in it.  Everyone will not have the same struggle, test, trial or season but we can pull from each other to gain strength. By sticking together we will overcome it.

We provide a safe, judge free forum for Millennials to get together and ask questions.

Our events have included Game Night, Getting to Know You Night, Skate Night, and Back to the Past.  We have had several discussion topics such as Godly Character 101, The Church Game (Who are you pretending to be?) and Pressure Points.


 All of our events include childcare and free food.