About Us

The Children's Ministry teaches our children the love, salvation, and understanding of God. Children will leave learning to LOVE GOD, TRUST GOD, and to fulfill their destiny according to GOD’S WILL. Our youth will be able to take part in various activities such as but not limited to church plays, singing, and dancing to honor God and His principles.

Parents will need to complete a short form letting us know about your child at the "Check In" table. Snacks are provided. so be sure to inform us of any allergies that your child may have.

Pick up time is immediately following the Worship Experience by the parent. 

Joining the Children's Ministry

If you are interested in becoming a dream team member of our Children's Ministry, we have a spot for you.  We are looking for faithful teaches who love God and the children.

As a teacher, you must have a loving heart and the ability to teach the children Godly principles.

Want to help but not as a teacher. No problem, we have other opportunities within our ministry.

To join our Children's Ministry send us an email via our contact us page.

Kids Zone/LIT Cornerstone

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