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Pastor Cobie & Camilla Nesbitt

Pastor Cobie Nesbitt

Pastor William "Cobie" Nesbitt III

Pastor William Cobie Nesbitt III is affectionately known by many as “Cobie”, was born on July 19th, 1983 in Jacksonville, Florida to the late William Nesbitt & Maria Nesbitt. He received his early education in the Duval County School System. Pastor Cobie wed his beautiful and lovely wife, Lady Camilla on February 19th, 2005 and they are the proud parents of three beautiful girls, Asharia, Kendall, and Karsen.

In January 2001, Pastor Cobie accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior at Philippian Community Church under the leadership of Bishop Virgil C. Jones, Sr. December of the following year; Pastor Cobie hearkened to the call of God to preach the gospel (Luke 4:18). On August 19, 2005, he was officially licensed and ordained as a Minister of the gospel by Bishop Jones.

Pastor Cobie faithfully served his Bishop diligently working in any capacity that was needed in ministry. His service in ministry at PCC included but was not limited to: being a Sunday School teacher; a youth leader; a praise leader, as well as many other commitments that fashioned the leader he is today. For 13 years, Pastor Cobie loved working as a faithful member of the Prison Outreach Ministry.

Pastor Cobie attributes a large portion of the person he is today, to the guidance and wisdom handed down from his natural parents the late William Nesbitt Jr. & Maria Nesbitt. Additionally, Pastor Cobie is forever grateful to Bishop Virgil C. Jones Sr. and Elder Mary Jones for investing time, love, and wisdom that helped solidify his spiritual foundation. As their role of spiritual parents, they birthed Pastor Cobie into ministry. The wealth of knowledge and insight gained during his time at Philippian Community Church exceeds any formation of words that one could even attempt to express.

Pastor Cobie is equally thankful to God, for the continual outpouring of favor and grace. God has emphatically increased Pastor Cobie and Lady Camilla’s value with the addition of Bishop Vaughn McLaughlin and Lady Narlene McLaughlin. Over the past several years, Bishop Vaughn and Lady Narlene have embraced and nurtured Pastor Cobie, Lady Camilla, and The Truth in Love Family as their own. Bishop McLaughlin’s dynamic leadership and training has left an indelible mark on the leaders of Truth in Love.

God has favored Pastor Cobie and Lady Camilla with great men and women of God. These men and women have instructed, guided, trained, and poured life principles and wisdom into their lives. This has empowered them to go forth, winning souls in love for the glory of God.

Lady Camilla Nesbitt

Lady Camilla Nesbitt was born on March 3, 1981. She completed her education at First Coast High School. Lady Nesbitt is married to Pastor William “Cobie” Nesbitt and they are the proud parents of three beautiful girls, Asharia, Kendall, and Karsen.

Lady Camilla accepted Christ as her personal Saviour in January 2002. Subsequently, she joined Greater Refuge Temple under the leadership of Bishop Gentle Groover. There Lady Camilla served as a faithful member until her marriage to Pastor Cobie Nesbitt in 2005. Desiring the will of God to be perfected in her life, Lady Camilla moved her membership to Philippian Community Church under the leadership of Bishop Virgil C. Jones, Sr.

Lady Camilla faithfully served under Elder Mary Jones, the Supervisor of the Women’s Department and First Lady of Philippian Community Church. Lady Camilla, being obedient to God, served in whatever capacity necessary to the ministry. Whether it was working on the Hospitality Committee or sharing the gospel as a guest speaker for ministries across the city, she has worked tirelessly as a true servant of Jesus Christ.

As God divinely called her faithful husband to pastorship, she joined him as God also appointed her to serve faithfully alongside her husband in ministry. Through divine inspiration, on January 4, 2015, God promoted Pastor William “Cobie” Nesbitt as the Founder and Pastor of Truth in Love Ministries. On June 10, 2016, after more than 11 years of service, maturation, and proving in the Philippian family, God impressed upon the hearts of Bishop and Elder Jones to license and ordain Lady Camilla among the first group of women to ever hold the office of an Elder in the Philippian Community Church organization.

Lady Camilla has demonstrated a love and zeal for ministering the anointed word of God. Her obedience and willingness to follow spirit of God has caused many to be healed, saved, and delivered as she has ministered to churches across Northeast Florida.

Lady Camilla Nesbitt
Truth in Love Ministries Church Building

How Did We Get Here?

On Monday, June 2nd, 2014 under the leadership of Pastors Cobie and Camilla Nesbitt Truth in Love Ministries opened its doors for the first time. Early on, Truth in Love was blessed with the opportunity to hold their first services inside the chorus room at William M. Raines High School. These inaugural services were bible studies called “Monday Nights in the Word.” Amazingly, it became immediately apparent that God used “Monday Nights in the Word” to establish a foundation and build momentum for Truth in Love Ministries.

It was on Sunday, January 4th, 2015 that Truth in Love Ministries were blessed to officially open its doors as a full-time ministry inside of the William M. Raines High School auditorium. It was during this first Sunday Morning Worship Experience in which Pastor Cobie preached a message entitled “A Vision of Manifestation” to establish the identity for the present and future of Truth in Love Ministries.

The favor of God over TIL continued to manifest through relationship and membership. Subsequently, on June 7th, 2015 the ministry was afforded the awesome opportunity to move their worship services to 7137 Main Street. Pastors Cobie and Camilla would use the time at this location to establish the groundwork of community and giving within TIL. As a result, TIL began experiencing exponential growth in membership and discipleship.

After spending almost a year and a half being blessed by others through God’s favor, TIL realized an extension of that grace and favor by obtaining their own facility. On June 5th, 2016, with great jubilation TIL opened the doors of their own, newly renovated facility at 1989 Dunn Ave. Since the transition to the new facilities TIL has continued and increased their efforts in impacting the community around them.